Spring and summer 2012 in my newtroom

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As both summer and spring were either boring or unsuccessful, i will describe both seasons in one entry. Chinese firebellies bred as usual, but i ended up with only few morphs, mainly due to cannibalism and uncontrolled escapes from larvae tank which is not lidded. Basis of their diet consisted of mexican scuds, Tubifex worms and daphnias.

Italian crested newts (Triturus carnifex) have also bred successfully, although i raised only three morphs, for which i blame my own lack of care, as well as leaving most of the eggs in the adult tank where the larvae got eaten by the adults and high degree of agression and cannibalism among this species' larvae. After long breeding season the crest on male's back decreased and almost disappeared and his colors faded a bit. The newts also started leaving water to sit on bark island from time to time. H.orientalis and T. carnifex breedings were the only in this season.

Chinese warty newts have acclimatized together without problems and they dwell together in peace, at least unless a worm or two shows up in their tank. With incoming autumn i expect them to breed, but so far i haven't noticed anything particularly interesting happening in their tub.

Hypselotriton cyanurus have grown a bit and are not as shy as they were before. Despite proper temperature raise later in spring they haven't bred, but i hope they will in the next season. These newts are really beautiful and i'd really like to raise their offspring.

Food cultures projects continue. Sadly the adult crayfish female, and later her biggest child are dead, so at least for the moment i give up keeping these interesting creatures. At the moment i concentrate on creating a bigger worm culture, as well as developing scud and slater cultures. I have also bought livebearer fish - platys and guppies, which i breed as food for larger newts. Soon i should recieve back a paddletail newt i kept in past. His current owner said the newt has grown a bit, and as i remember, the animal's appetite was huge - so he will consume big amounts of various living things.

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