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Here are photos of my 60x30x30 (24x12x12 in) tank designed for dusky salamanders (Desmognathus), which sadly have never inhabited it. Adult Desmognathus fuscus did not survive shipment, and young Desmognathus orestes grew nicely in a separate box, unless they had to survive the summer in the fridge. The tank needed a lot of patience from me, but after the mosses grew (mostly emersed forms of popular aquarium mosses like Taxiphyllum and Vesicularia, but also some native Polish mosses) it looked really nice, but the problems with keeping the salamanders at low or at least not high temperatures made it clear that i can't keep them unless i have a basement or room which does not get above 24 degrees Celsius. Set up in 2010, over in 2012. Filtration and waterflow was provided by AquaEl brand external canister filter - MiniKani 80.