African Paludarium

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Not existing anymore Here my reed and dwarf clawed frogs live. There's a small, peacefull waterfall in the tank- outside of air humidity raising function, i just really love such features, and they allow me to plant emmersed aquarium plants, especially mosses and liverworts. I always like shallow tanks, and i had a Cyperus alternifolius plantlet gave to me by a friend, that waited over a year for its tank. The frogs have a plenty of hides in there, and they seem to thrive happily in the paludarium. As all of the species inhabiting come from Africa, you can call this a biotope tank. The small waterfall's construction is simple. In the "chimney" made of cork bark, in the corner of the tank, there's a small powerhead, on which outflow i placed a silicone tube, leading almost straight up, to the top of the waterfall (about 20 cm/8 inches), where the water leaves the pipe and flows over the cork, down to the water pool. The powerhead was pretty old, though tests i made before the setting up proved, that the pipe without a "cascade diffuser" would throw the water further than the middle of the tank, that's why i had to force the water to flow down the cork. In my case it was pieces of artifical wool put inside the pipe, but they were quickly covering with dirt, effectively stuffing up the pipe, so i had to change them more often than i would like to.

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