Autumn 2012 in my newtroom

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No revelations this autumn. Sadly my paddletail newt died during shipment, so my current species are: Hypselotriton orientalis, Hypselotriton cyanurus cyanurus, Paramesotriton chinensis, Triturus carnifex and Cynops ensicauda ensicauda.

Chinese firebelly tank was reset and made a little "minimalistic", basically a setup for containing plants for later use in other aquaria. Little morphs from 2012 live in a small terrarium next to their parents' tank, feeding on springtails, bloodworms and whiteworms.

The italian crested newt male developed a small crest and started fanning the female, but she did not really give a damn about anything else than food.

Warty newts have settled in nicely, with females consuming huge amounts of food. Male has a small appetite, but does not get too slim so i am not worried. No breeding so far, but every source on the internet says a different "breeding time" for this species. Who knows when is breeding time for mine?

Blue-tailed newts (H. cyanurus) are dwelling a heavily planted tank and that's basically all. Hard to say anything else about them.

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