My planted tanks

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Here are some pictures of my planted tanks, taken in time of few years (2007-2011), they depict three aquariums: 54, 63 i 25 liter (14, 16 and 6 gallon), they're not put in chronological order. They're all more or less low-tech - most of them were based on a topsoil substrate under the gravel, one of them was set up on a commercial AquaSubstrate II+. As you can see, neither of those is pretty, but i can say, the plants were growing really nicely. Due to my preposession to cut the setup costs, with two left hands to DIY (= lots of sick provisional work) many things weren't done the way they should, and in most cases, in the moment, when a given tank looked the best, i didn't take a photo, because i thought, that some weeks later it will look even better, while it didn't. Anyway, the pics are below:

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